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Safe Cosmetics Australia

The Toxic-Free Campaign

Who We Are

Safe Cosmetics Australia is the national industry association representing manufacturers and retailers of cosmetics, personal care and household products. SCA governs the terms Australian Certified Toxic-Free®, Made Safe® and Allergy Certified®. We are the respected voice of the Natural & Organic beauty industry, our Members are pioneering Australian-owned enterprises and larger multinational businesses. Products supplied by our industry are used every day by millions of Australian consumers and businesses. World wide over 90.5 million people are involved in the beauty industry, this creates retail sales of over $147- AUS billion annually.

Our mission is to raise chemical awareness and certify products that are healthier for you than mainstream varieties. Browse the site to learn more about chemical awareness and how you can best avoid those nasty ingredients. See Key Issues for SCA's list of top offending chemicals and Key Allergens to avoid. Discover our Certification seals and what they mean to your health and beauty regime, find Certified Brands or catch up on the latest news, browse
Safe Cosmetics Australia is prompting many to question the health and beauty industry. Raising concerns for toxic chemicals used to formulate everyday products, our mission is to provide consumers with the information and identification required to purchase products that are formulated without chemicals, known or suspected, to cause harm to human health, animals and the environment.

The Toxic-Free Campaign highlights the need to raise chemical awareness regarding the use of personal care products, cosmetics, sunscreens, perfumes and fragrances, oral hygiene and cleaning agents. It is important to understand the role these products play in our daily lives, and to scrutinise the use of chemicals in everyday products. SCA's mission is to:

  • Safeguard Consumer Health by providing an essential standard of chemical use that restricts and excludes the use of toxic chemicals.
  • Promote Personal Wellbeing by recognising healthier brands that provide Natural & Organic products that keep us clean and looking our best.
  • Providing Industry Standards that shape the future of Australian products used by consumers, institutions, industry, manufacturing and agriculture.
  • Campaign For Legislation to assess chemical safety prior to approving chemicals for use in Australia.
  • Encourage Self-Regulation by beauty brands to exclude and restrict chemicals as outlined under Key Issues and Key Allergens.

These key objectives are essential to a leading safe, healthy and active lifestyle that minimises our exposure to toxic chemicals.
What is the Toxic-Free List? Companies published on the TFL have been reviewed by Safe Cosmetics Australia. Products that meet SCA's criteria of excluding known toxic chemicals are awarded our trademarked Certification seals. SCA governs the terms Australian Certified Toxic-Free® & Non-Toxic, Safe Cosmetics Australia, The Toxic Free Campaign®, Made Safe ® Australian Allergy Certified® see T&C's for a full list of copyright inclusions.

Why Become A member? SCA's membership is an invaluable business investment for every brand. SCA's logo's can be found in Australia, New Zealand, India, the UK & USA, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Brands directly benefit from SCA's certification program and social media following that translate into tangible rewards. By joining Safe Cosmetics Australia' Toxic-Free List, your company is seen as actively supporting consumer health and safety that helps to boost your brand profile as a committed and responsible industry player. 

SCA's affiliate site OBB provides an invaluable resource of over 300+ leading brands, businesses, manufacturers and suppliers from around the world. Our network represents a large percentage of the Australian Natural & Organic cosmetics industry that have invested in SCA's membership year after year. We are a not-for-profit campaign that represents brands, businesses and the consumer voice. Together, we endeavor to raise the standards of chemical use, cosmetic manufacturing, consumer health and wellbeing.
Who can apply for certification? The Toxic-Free List is for brands that manufacture cosmetics, personal care and household products including skin care, bath care, body care, baby care, beauty products, pregnancy care, cosmetics, makeup, pet care products, sunscreen, self tanning lotion, specialised treatments, spa, facials, home cleaning products and all beauty care products and services that exclude toxic chemicals.
How is The Toxic-Free Campaign funded? SCA's campaign is funded by application fees and provided by volunteers ie. donated time and a whole lot of passion and commitment! The income generated from the application fees covers basic administration expenses only ie. the cost of running the Safe Cosmetics Australia's website, trademark fees, advertising and accounting costs only. The application fees do not provide any payment for time spent researching, publishing, designing content and providing administration duties ie. the great deal of time spent running Safe Cosmetics Australia is on a volunteer basis only. Web developers are paid for website development, but all publishing research and customer relations is unpaid.

What is an ingredient philosophy?  SCA Certified brands disclosed all ingredients used to formulate their products. Our ingredient philosophy excludes known harmful chemicals from Australian cosmetics, toiletries and home cleaning products. Where necessary, further product assessment is undertaken including submission of specification sheets, and test results carried out on humans. SCA does not support cruelty to animals.

How does SCA confirm that companies do not use toxic chemicals? Brands must supply a full list of products they produce and sign a legal declaration confirming the true nature of their product ingredients. Companies sign a "Product Ingredient Declaration" stating to the effect that the information supplied to SCA during the application process is the truth about their practices. Brands pledge to maintain toxic-free formulations by signing SCA's Ingredient Pledge to always consider the Ingredients First™