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Safe Cosmetics Australia

The Toxic-Free Campaign

Toxic-Free V's Non-Toxic

Safe Cosmetics Australia, The Toxic-Free Campaign, aims to make it easier for everyone to identify products that are in line with their own personal health and beauty philosophy. Certified products have been verified by a third party, brands meet the highest standards of quality and transparency between manufacturer and consumer that goes above and beyond current legislation by considering the Ingredients FIRST™
How do you define toxicity? Today it is not clear how suppliers, manufacturers, retailers or consumers define toxicity. Australian cosmetic labeling laws require all ingredients to be stated on the product label in descending order, from highest to lowest concentration. Only the vast majority of chemicals permitted have not been tested for health and safety, then there are contamination issues and formaldehyde releasing preservatives.
Why is chemical scrutiny more  important than ever? Gone are the days when "Natural & Organic" simply meant safe and healthy. Today, it is even more important for consumers to read the product label and understand the scant legislation requirements that do not fundamentally protect human health. Substantiating product claims is the first step to maintaining brand integrity and loyalty, certifications validate brand marketing and claims.
Do products live up to their marketing claims? Companies often market their products using terms such as natural, organic, eco, hypoallergenic, green, safe, toxic-free, skin-friendly, safe & natural or even non-toxic without stating their definition clearly. This leads to consumer confusion and without a third party to confirm the true nature of the product, the claims are unsubstantiated. 
Products carrying SCA's Australian Certified Non-Toxic™ Made Safe® seal contain less than 15% of the top offending toxic chemicals that are known to cause harm to the human body, animals and the environment. Clinical tests are required to confirm the health and safety of the product formulation. Products are considered safe and non-toxic by current legislation, industry standards  and have met SCA's  toxic-free criteria.
What process does SCA go through to develop a chemical database? All ingredients are assessed individually for health and safety according to extensive research based on scientific literature and government data sourced locally and aboard. Safe Cosmetics Australia continues to research and evaluate chemicals comparing tests carried out by leading formulation and production chemists in Australia to information published in the EU, USA and Canada by environmental working groups and scientific research companies. For further information regarding regulations     read more >>