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Safe Cosmetics Australia

The Toxic-Free Campaign

Toxic-Free List

Safe Cosmetics Australia has pioneered the first non-toxic certification screening process Est.2010, screening product ingredients since 1997.
Our goal is to raise chemical awareness, advocate for a pre-market regulatory scheme, and promote brands that adopt the non-toxic approach to formulating products to help create a healthier, more sustainable future for all Australian's.
Certified brands meet the highest standards reaching above and beyond current legislation.
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 99% or more of the formulation excludes chemicals published under Key Issue
Safe Cosmetics Australia has reviewed over 65+ brands that care about your health. Common sense prevails, where safer and healthier ingredients are available SCA's Australian Certified Toxic-Free brands formulate their products with superior Natural & Organic ingredients that are not known to trigger skin sensitivities and worse.

Each brand published on this site have been independently reviewed. Ensuring that their products are made from safer and healthier chemicals brands exclude and restrict chemicals as published under the Key Issues and Key Allergens of The Toxic-Free campaign..

       "Nontoxic ingredients are by far the Healthier Choice for you & your family"
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 85% or more of the formulation excludes the chemicals published under Key Issues
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