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The Toxic-Free Campaign

Toxic-Free Guides

Welcome to our Toxic-Free Guides for healthier living. Available as a free to access site, you can download our Toxic-Free Guides by clicking on an image below. You can also visit our affiliate site to search for articles, products and so much more, see

15 Best Ingredients

When you realise that your skin and body care products contain a significant array of harmful ingredients, it's time to seek out healthier products that are based on Natural & Organic ingredients. Here are the top 15 ingredients to look for download the free guide>>

The Toxic-Free List

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15 Skin Healing Herbs

Discover why so many healthy cosmetic brands are harnessing the power of Natural & Organic ingredients. What are the best herbs for healing your skin topically, and how to make a herbal tea, poultice and infused oils. Download the free guide now >>


15 Natural Baby Tips

Finding out that your pregnant may prompt you to question the products you've previously used, and the ingredients are the first to be scutinised. What you apply topically is absorbed into your body so it's important to use healthy and safe ingredients that are ideal for sensitive skin. Download the free guide now >>

Key Issues

Click on the image above to view the chemicals of concern that form the Key Issues for Safe Cosmetics Australia's toxic-free campaign. Or find out more about ingredients to avoid, the Key Allergens are chemicals that are known to trigger dermatitis and other skin complaints as well as lung irritants.

15 Best Beauty Foods

Nutrition is without doubt, the single most important factor to consider when balancing and improving the skin, and your health. Feeding the body with essential vitamins and minerals will boost your health resulting in a clearer complexion. Find out which foods you should be eating to help your body fight free radicals for younger looking skin. Download the free guide now >>

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