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American cancer Society reports - "For some time, an email rumor suggested that underarm antiperspirants cause breast cancer. Among its claims: Cancer-causing substances in antiperspirants are absorbed through razor nicks from underarm shaving. These substances are said to be deposited in the lymph nodes under the arm, which are not able to get rid of them by sweating because the antiperspirant keeps you from perspiring. This causes a high concentration of toxins, which leads to cells mutating into cancer."

EWG Explains Chemicals & Cancer.
Thousands of chemicals are used in everyday products – in our water, our food and in the air we breathe. It’s the chemical soup of modern life and it’s virtually impossible to escape them. In this special edition of Catalyst, Dr Maryanne Demasi investigates the safety of these chemicals, and compares the level of chemicals in her own body with clean living convert and media personality Sarah Wilson. Is there adequate regulation and testing, or are we in the midst of an uncontrolled, human experiment? Watch "Our Chemical Lives" far right and EWG's video above.

Catalyst Presents Supplements & Safety

Just like cosmetics, the supplements industry is unregulated when it comes to mandatory testing of all ingredients and the finished product. Not enough is done to protect your health, products flood the market every day, until a serious problem arises and then authorities jump into action banning the product from sale. Products are sold to consumers without mandatory product testing being a legal obligation - Australian consumers need to be aware that just because a product is sold in a shop or chemist, it does not ensure their health and safety.

"You can sell something without any evidence that it's safe or effective." Dr Pieter Cohen, Harvard Medical School. It's the multi-billion dollar industry selling health supplements and vitamins - over the counter pills and capsules bought in enormous numbers by consumers. Supplements and Safety, from the PBS Frontline program and presented by Sarah Ferguson, goes to air on Monday 16th of May at 8.30pm EDT. It is replayed on Tuesday 17th May at 10.00am and Wednesday 18th at 11pm. It can also be seen on ABC News 24 on Saturday at 8.00pm AEST, ABC iview.

"People are very seldom exposed to a single chemical at a time. We are exposed to chemical mixtures and most people who study in the area study one chemical at a time because it is technically easier. It is much more difficult to study mixtures than study the effects of mixtures. But the reality is that people are exposed to chemical mixtures all the time." - Professor Peter Sly, Deputy Director, QLD's Children's Medical Research Institute.
Assessing the safety of multiple chemicals is a difficulty faced by regulators and scientists. When assessing the toxicity of chemicals this is often done one chemical at a time, but this scenario is rarely a reality. "Fear mongering never helps anybody. But, denying the existence of concerns is equally harmful. I strongly believe that you have to act when you have concerning information in the absence of certainty because science is rarely ever one hundred percent certain." - Dr Linda Birnbaum, Director, US National Toxicology Program & National Institute of Environmental Health Science.