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Safe Cosmetics Australia

The Toxic-Free Campaign

Plastic Free Campaign

What are the alternatives to using plastic? There are several options for brands to make sustainable beauty products, such as using recycled plastic, glass, bamboo, paper & cellophane. The plastic free campaign encourages every brand to think about their environmental impact manufacturing has & start using sustainable packaging solutions, even if it's just one product to begin with. Every step counts.

Glitter & micro-beads

Plastic packaging is not the only issue. Glitter is made from plastic & so are micro-beads commonly used in face & body scrubs, both are washed down the sink or shower & end up in the ocean. Choose products that are free-from glitter & plastic beads, instead choose mica & other scrubs that use bamboo, rice, bicarbonate soda, oats, coffee, salt & sugar are sustainable.

Sustainable cosmetic packaging

  • Plastic RPET is recycled 7-9 times so brands can use recycled PET, but not new plastic.
  • Cellophane can't be recycled, but it is biodegradable, it's made from wood & not plastic.
  • Biodegradable plastic is another environmentally friendly option because it break downs.
  • Bamboo is very popular, it is sustainably grown & biodegradable, although many products have a plastic liner.
  • Aluminium canisters are recycled in your curbside bin, simply wash the canister & remove the labels.
  • Bio-friendly paper & boxes are made from recycled paper & then recycled again 4-6 times.
  • Glass is the original sustainable option that comes with a cork or aluminum lid, plastic caps are typically not recyclable
  • Cloth such as unbleached cotton, hemp & bamboo is biodegradable & sustainably sourced.
  • Packaging free! This has to be the ideal sustainable option, but not everything can be packaging free.
You can make a positive difference by choosing products packaged in recyclable materials. Recycling the packaging after use is to be expected, never toss recyclable items into the landfill rubbish bin. By choosing products packaged in biodegradable & recyclable packaging like glass, bamboo & aluminium, let's reduce waste. Using fewer products is worthwhile, less is less waste, less environmental impact.


Seriously this is not okay! If the bin is full then take your rubbish with you & dispose of it thoughtfully. Recycle everything you can before chucking it in the bin. Even when you are at home, think twice about tossing recyclable items in the rubbish bin, rinse it, reuse it or recycle it. Better still, take the containers back to the store you bought the product from! Accountability is the responsibility of consumers & manufacturers.


If the products you love aren't available in bulk refills then ask the brand to consider offering refills. We can all campaign for improved manufacturing & recycling habits, in fact it's 100% necessary that we are all held accountable. Where possible choose to refill cosmetics & keep lotion pumps, flip cap lids & other dispensing systems because they are not recyclable, don't throw them away! These items should be reused.


Sustainable Products

The campaigns are under development, please visit 1st September
Nat was determined to find an ethical cosmetic bag that didn't contribute to inhumane practices or the use of toxic chemicals & she did it! Pineapple fabric who would have known?! Repurposed waste turned into a viable sustainable & ethical fabric that looks luxurious.

Brow Venom Cake Mascara

Multi-use for the lashes, eyebrows & eyeliner! Set in a recyclable aluminium container you can toss into your curbside recycling bin. 100% Natural ingredients. Plus an Eco-Bamboo beauty tool. Reduce the number of products you buy, lasts 12-24months.

Set in an Eco-bamboo canister with a recyclable aluminium casing. This all Natural and Organic Moisturising Zinc sunscreen is made using ethically sourced ingredients. It is suitable for children & importantly, it's safe for the ocean & marine life.
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