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The Toxic-Free Campaign

Our Seals Defined

Many industrial chemicals have been prioritised for public health and safety screening. There is over forty thousand chemicals currently permitted for use in Australia, all cosmetic ingredients are classed as industrial chemicals and the Government is not even close to screening cosmetic ingredients for public health and safety analysis. Whilst some cosmetic manufacturers claim to clinically test their products, this is not a mandatory requirement.
Certifications offer third party validation that makes it easier for consumers to find products that match their own beauty philosophies. Certifications provide manufactures with guidelines to formulate healthier products, ultimately cosmetics should be made safe® with quality ingredients, and never nasty chemicals like parabens and petrolatum derivatives, or irritating sensitising chemicals. 
Contact us now if you are interested in promoting The Toxic Free Campaign. The campaign banner is available for all businesses to publish on their website and marketing materials. There is no application fee or criteria to use the campaign banner, if you agree that all products should be made without toxic ingredients that are known to cause harm to humans, animals and the environment then you are welcome to partner with SCA.
Products that carry the Australian Certified Toxic-Free® seal, exclude 100% of the top offending chemicals from their product formulations. See chemicals published under Key Issues. Trademarked and licensed to approved companies only, the Toxic-Free seal signifies a transparent ingredient philosophy that considers your health, and the Ingredients FIRST™ see SCA's Terms &Condition's for more information.
Certain products require ingredients such as plasticisers to produce a waterproof mascara. Where healthier ingredients are not available, Safe Cosmetics Australia allows less than 15% of the formula to contain the necessary ingredients to produce a competitive product that performs to customer expectations. When a comparable chemical is available the brand will consider the options. 
Australian Allergy Certified brands are required to submit a PID Product Ingredient Declaration. Formulated 100% free from chemicals published under Key Issues and/or usage restrictions apply. Full disclosure of restricted allergens is required to confirm the nature of the formulation, and/or brands can submit reports or clinical test results confirming suitability of their products. 
Chemicals should be accurately tested for human safety by testing only on humans, and not testing on animals. Australia has strict laws against animal testing, but many companies are still carrying out animal testing of their products and ingredients on unwilling animals in overseas laboratories. The carnage has to end, animal cruelty is shameful and unnecessary. Safe Cosmetics Australia is proud to have zero tolerance for testing on animals, accepting only test results on consenting humans. 
Safe Cosmetics Australia is proud to support the global movement to end testing on animals. Every year toxicity tests blind, burn and poison animals to death. Countless rabbits, dogs and other animals suffer every year, but they suffer in vain. Differences in animal physiology means that chemicals should be tested on humans and nothing else. Tests carried out on animals are not accurate, and SCA does not support animal cruelty. Visit and view their list of CCF-Accredited Contract Manufacturers.
Did you know that you are potentially supporting animal testing? That's cruelty every time you buy products that are tested on animals. Australia has strict laws against animal cruelty including a no testing policy, but this doesn't stop the big name brands from testing their products overseas before importing the tainted products and selling them to unknowing consumers. Help end animal testing now sign the petition, and don't buy from brands that test their products and ingredients overseas before selling to unknowing Australians.