Life is precious & so is the health of the planet

Why should Australian's be concerned? Thousands of chemicals are available for use in cosmetics and everyday household products. Many of these chemicals have adverse health effects and are banned or restricted in other countries. Current law concerning the use of chemicals in Australia, does not protect you or the environment from the use of potentially harmful chemicals permitted in everyday products.

Think big & make positive choices. Products that contain fewer ingredients are healthier for you & the environment - Less is more. Keep things simple. Own a few good things instead of a whole lot of junk! Choose products that are ethical - Look for SCA endorsed products.

Advocating for safer, healthier manufacturing standards across the health & beauty industries. Make change happen! Make a commitment today, initiate change & overcome the key objectives - to reduce toxicity. Conscious consumerism means being accountable, realising that the manufacture of chemicals & packaging waste impacts everyone.

Amina Kitching