The benefits of using an organic linen spray & organic laundry wash


An organic linen spray & laundry wash should use powerful essential oils to cleanse, freshen & protect fabrics, in & around the home.

When using products that come into contact with your skin & that have the potential to be air-born, such as a linen spray & any scent that is left on clothing or bedding after washing, it is recommended that you choose a Natural & Organic product that doesn't have the potential irritants

You don't need to be an allergy sufferer to want to avoid irritants.

For many people this is a 100% necessity to prevent triggering allergies & irritation. However, many other people are now considering their exposure to chemicals by avoiding unnecessary, often irritating & sensitising fragrances & preservatives as well as other artificial chemicals in the products they choose. This a high priority during pregnancy, for babies & children & also the elderly or sick. 

These days, almost everyone considers choosing products that are made from naturally derived ingredients such as foaming agents (surfactants) that are biodegradable. The impact of chemicals on the environment is something we should all be aware of & make healthier choices by avoiding laundry washes that are naturally derived & free-from bleach, QUAT's & other synthetic surfactants that don't break down into particles that were previously found in nature.

Naturally Healthier For You & The Environment

Brands like Organic by Glitter Friends, offer a healthier way to treat your home, clothing & other linens. They also have a sophisticated organic skincare range, their products are beautifully packaged, they look great & perform to expectations. Several products arrive thoughtfully boxed in white recyclable card & the plastic bottles are recyclable PET. On this subject, please recycle everything! The statistics are shameful as many people do not bother to separate the caps from the bottles & recycle the plastic bottles & other softer plastics used in packaging. 

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a highly recyclable plastic resin, it is a form of polyester. "PET plastic is recyclable and about 25% of PET bottles in the US today are recycled. The plastic is crushed and then shredded into small flakes which are then reprocessed to make new PET bottles, or spun into polyester fiber." - Once recycled, the PET can be used to make food grade plastic & even carpets. Read More >