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Natural & Organic advocate since 1993.

Today over 100+ innovative brands from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, India & most recently China, have joined The Toxic-Free Campaign to show their commitment to safe & healthy ingredients. In 2010, Safe Cosmetics Australia pioneered the first toxic-free guidelines for cosmetic manufacturers, the list of chemicals to exclude & restrict took the precautionary approach towards chemicals, in having a preference for Natural & Organic ingredients. The campaign continues to attract manufacturers of high quality products that are formulated without unnecessary binders, fillers & other irritating chemicals that are recognised internationally as being associated with common skin reactions, systemic toxicity & that pose alarming concerns for human health & environmental impact.

In America, Canada, Japan & the EU, other organisations had been campaigning for years, prompting the beauty industry to rethink their ideas of what constitutes the terms Natural & Organic & are natural ingredients healthier than man-made chemicals? Consumers & scientists are questioning the use of synthetic chemicals in cosmetics, are synthetic chemicals harming our skin & body? In 2012, the Australian media became increasingly interested in chemicals in cosmetics, reports of heavy metals in lipsticks, synthetic preservatives triggering skin irritation, sunscreens causing harm to infants & altering the hormones of marine life. Even children playing with toxic kohl eyeliner hit the news, controversy was ripe. With over 144,000 chemicals available for use in world wide, in Australia over 10,000 of these are used in cosmetics, personal care & household products & 1,000 new chemicals are made each & every year. The vast majority are permitted for use without sufficient testing for consumer health & safety. Without considering the ethical impact or environmental issues.

Governments around the world have conflicting ideas on which chemicals are harming human health & the environment. Even with scientific evidence, many chemicals are banned & restricted in one country yet remain completely free of restrictions in other countries. The high volume of chemical use is a global problem. Consumers can influence change by choosing brands that consider the impact of the chemicals they use. Safe Cosmetics Australia has refined the list of chemicals to highlight the Key Issues concerning chemicals in cosmetics & consumer health. Chemicals that are most commonly used in products & that science & international government agencies have reported as causing harm to human health.

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Amina Kitching