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Safe Cosmetics Australia

The Toxic-Free Campaign

Ingredients First™

Ingredients First™ is one of SCA's campaign initiatives. Brands that are certified by SCA sign a binding agreement pledging to always consider the Ingredients First™ due to lack of legislation, brands adopt a toxic-free approach to formulating cosmetics, personal care and household products to protect your health.

Assessing the safety of multiple chemicals is a difficulty faced by regulators and scientists. It is technically easier to test one chemical at a time, so what impact does this have on cosmetic formulations that contain multiple chemicals, and why is there such a large gap between the lack of regulation and the manufacturing processes of ingredients, cosmetics, toiletries and household cleaning products.
Certified brands choose to adopt a transparent ingredient philosophy that gives you the cleanest possible cosmetics, personal care and household products known to humankind! Brands that are Certified, disclose all ingredients to an independent third party like Safe Cosmetics Australia to verify the true nature of their product claims. SCA's Certified brands exceed the highest industry standards that are above and beyond current regulations.

Safe Cosmetics Australia has launched a new site where industry insiders can share their knowledge, talk about beauty care, and connect with visitors seeking Certified beauty products. Explore and learn new tips from the experts. Available as a free-access website, subscribers receive weekly email updates, Brands share their passion for skincare, makeup, bath and body care, beauty, health and lifestyle.


Cosmetics are subject to legislative regulatory requirements in almost every industrialised country. Thousands of chemicals are used every day, these chemicals can be found in our tap water, food, soil and the air we breathe. It’s the chemical conundrum of modern life and it’s virtually impossible to avoid. Armed with knowledge, consumers can make educated choices at the check out to best avoid toxic chemicals   read more >>