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Safe Cosmetics Australia

The Toxic-Free Campaign

Ingredients First™

Brands that are promoted by Safe Cosmetics Australia, pledge to always consider the Ingredients First™ adopting a toxic-free approach to formulating cosmetics, personal care & household products. It's what brands leave out that matters the most & where SCA plays a key role in campaigning to raise chemical awareness for consumers & brands alike.
Current regulations are slack when it comes to the use of chemicals that are banned or restricted in other countries such as Ethanolamine MEA (restricted in USA), Coal tar Dyes (banned in EU & listed as carcinogenic) & Peroxide which is banned in Japan, restricted in Canada & banned in all over the counter skincare products in the EU (listed as carcinogenic).

There are many other chemicals that raise concern for consumer health in a market where governments cannot agree on the health & safety of chemicals in cosmetics - this is where SCA can assist brands locally & internationally. Our logo's can be found on products sold world wide by brands made predominantly in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore & India.

 In 2017, SCA launched OBB our affiliate site that provides a searchable platform. As a free to access site, you can search for brands, products & articles where professionals talk about beauty & connect with consumers seeking beauty, health & home care products that are certified, recommended or have won an award - explore #OBB


Cosmetics are subject to legislative regulatory requirements in almost every industrialised country. Thousands of chemicals are used every day, these chemicals can be found in our tap water, food, soil & the air we breathe. It’s the chemical conundrum of modern life & it’s virtually impossible to avoid. Armed with knowledge, consumers can make educated choices at the check out to best avoid toxic chemicals   read more >>

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