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Safe Cosmetics Australia

The Toxic-Free Campaign

Home & Pet Care

Now you can care for your home and pets using natural, safe and environmentally friendly products. Safe Cosmetics Australia encourages you to care for your home & pets naturally, without the use of toxic chemicals. Choosing to use Natural products may be the solution for allergy sufferers and pets that itch a lot or that suffer skin complaints due to parabens and other common chemicals used in mainstream products. Standard cleaning agents can contain many dangerous ingredients such as organic solvents and toxic bleach. When you choose to use Eco-cleaning products, you are also helping to protect the environment. Any reduction in the manufacture of toxic chemicals is beneficial to the earth, to animals and your health.

Glitter Friends

  • Ideal for sensitive allergy-prone skin types
Gentle, Safe & Toxic-Free Laundry Wash & Linen Fresh. Made with powerful plant essential oils of Eucalyptus, Lavender and Tea Tree specially blended to help with cleaning your laundry items whilst also adding a delightful, subtle fragrance to your wash.
Allergen-Free and Hypoallergenic, great for babies, children and people who suffer from sensitive skin conditions. Ideal for whiter & brighter bed linen. Our Mattress and Linen Protectant Spray is made with powerful plant essential oils specially blended for bedding. Free-from harsh chemicals.


Koala Eco

We make affordable cleaning products that are safe for familes and kind to the environment. We’ve made sure that KOALA ECO products are more effective than readily available chemically based cleaners (as well as being affordable, safer for your family and kinder to the environment)."  Koala Eco’s cleaners leave your home as aromatic as the Australian bush. We combine high concentrates of pure Australian essential oils with quality plant-derived biodegradable ingredients, resulting in products that work as well if not better than chemical cleaners.


By going back to basics, Clean Conscience have created a truly natural product totally free of preservatives, artificial fragrances, palm oil, synthetic ingredients and harmful chemicals. Synonymous with green cleaning & stocked by those serious about the environment word has quickly spread about its cleaning abilities, safety to your health and most importantly, its minimal footprint on our waterways.

Certified Natural bath & body products. Hopkins is a world leading creator & supplier of bath & body products for the hotels and hospitality industry.
Tasmanian artisan skincare Est.2015 after witnessing the demand for natural products and society’s shift from synthetic skincare. All synthetic unnecessary ingredients are out and pure ingredients are in, especially locally grown Olive Oil.

Z WATER Safe Chemical-Free Cleaning Advanced Japanese technology that is chemical free, kills bacteria, is safe & sanitary. Z water is suitable for Childcares, Toilets, Carpets, Upholstery & Kitchens.

"Toxic-free ingredients are by far the healthier choice for you & your pets!"

Equidae Botanical Horse Care

Safe Cosmetics Australia is proud to introduce the first range of Certified Toxic-Free products for horses! Meet Equidae Botanical Horse Care, made from 100% Natural & Organic plant based ingredients. Connect with Equidae on social media and follow the launch of the first Australia Certified Toxic-Free® range for horses.

Irritating chemicals can cause discomfort and skin irritation, and no pet owner wants to see their fur-babies suffer. You can also make quick and easy skin washes to help reduce irritation like soaking a cup of oats in boiling water for 20 minutes to release the soothing 'gel' like texture from the oats. Next, simply strain the oats and discard then use the oat solution to rinse and cover your pet's hair especially targeting dry, rough and bumpy areas. The soft and smoothing texture of the oats can be left on, there is no need to rinse.


At Equidae Botanical Horse Care we focus on formulating and developing products that are made from 100% natural and organic plant base ingredients. We guarantee our products are free from harmful chemicals, synthetic colours and fragrances, formalin and toxic ingredients.  The natural healing properties of the ingredients we use, are powerful and effective, but still good for you, your horse and our earth!
Corryong VIC
Ph: 0419 848 905