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Safe Cosmetics Australia

The Toxic-Free Campaign

For Companies

To be eligible to apply for Safe Cosmetics Australia's accreditation your company must:

  1. Manufacture or retail cosmetics, toiletries, personal care, household cleaning or pet care products;
  2. Be fully established or in the process of setting up a new brand (SCA can help get you started);
  3. Have an ABN or registered business name, contact email, address and phone number;
  4. Be launching a new brand or currently selling to Australian consumers online and/or retail.

If your brand can meet this initial certification criteria, then please read on. If your brand is not yet established, then please contact us as SCA provides support to start up brands at no cost. We are happy to assist you with selecting healthy chemicals, confirming suitability of your formulations and suggesting alternative chemicals. 


Welcome to Safe Cosmetics Australia, and thank you for your interest in The Toxic-Free Campaign. As a guide, you can view the following links for the list of top offending chemicals that forms SCA's Certification criteria:

See SCA's Toxic Free Guides to download more information regarding chemicals and SCA's certification criteria.

Each product is independently Certified.

If your product formulations include any of the chemicals published under Key Issues, then they will not meet our Australian Certified Toxic-Free™ seal. Where a product formulation contains less than 15% combined total usage of the chemicals listed under Key Issues, the product will be awarded SCA's Australian Certified Non-Toxic™ MADE SAFE® seal.

Australian Allergy Certified™

Allergic disease is a major problem in Australia. SCA's Australian Allergy Certified™ aims to provide allergy sufferers with a seal they can trust. Products that claim to be clinically tested, ideal for sensitive skin, eczema-safe, skin-friendly, gentle enough for sensitive skin, ideal for allergy sufferers, or any other claim  concerning skin suitability, requires brands to provide supporting documentation that verifies this claim.

View the Key Allergens for common chemicals that trigger allergies. This list of chemicals provides brands with an ingredient based review.

A letter from your formulation specialist or test results are submitted to SCA, this confirms that the products have been clinically tested, and found to be suitable for sensitive allergy prone skin types. Where clinical tests have confirmed suitability there is no need to adhere to the criteria published under Key Allergens, clinical tests rule out the need to do an ingredient based review.

How to apply

The first step is to contact us via email and request the application information: we will forward the following documents and an invoice for the application fee $175. The application fee includes the review of up to 25 products and/or future changes of product formulations up to 25 products. Additional products &/or changes to formulations is $7 per product thereafter. There are no additional fees to update existing formulas, submitting new products for review is attracts a fee after 25 product reviews are completed.

Once approved, the application fee also includes online use of SCA's logos & a basic membership on both of our websites.

  • Disclosure Agreement
  • SCA's media Kit
  • Membership Options

Step 1. Sign the Disclosure Agreement and the Campaign Petition. Now you are ready to forward your "PID Product Ingredient Declaration" to be supplied on your company letterhead.

Step 2. Product Ingredient Declaration (PID). This is a full list of all products your company produces along with the product name and ingredients as stated on the actual product labels. Ideally brands submit the artwork for the product labels in a PDF file. All labels will need to be legible. The document is signed by the director or senior formulator confirming that the information provided is true and correct. The PID is to be supplied on company letterhead and submitted via email to:

Step 3. Application Review.
The review will commence upon recipt of the application fee. The one-time application fee covers all future changes to your product range and licensing of our Trademarked logo's restricted for use online only. The application fee is $175- AUS, this includes a 10 year license of SCA's Certification seals for approved brands to use online only. Approved brands can license SCA's logo's for printed materials including product labels from $135- per year or $15- per month, see the membership options for more details or contact us with any questions.

Licensing and listings

Approved brands receive Basic Listings on the Toxic-Free List, and in the next update of SCA's Toxic-Free Guides. All approved brands receive restricted licensing of SCA’s trademarked logo’s online only ie. your website, emails and advertising. Your brand is required to sign the Online Trademark Licensing Agreement to commence marketing with SCA's Certification seals online.

Approved brands also receive a Membership of equal value on our affiliate site #OBB Once approved, your brand will be published on the Toxic-Free List, included in the printable downloads, and promoted in recommendations via OBB and our social media accounts.
Upgrade Your Licensing & Listing Options:
There are two upgraded licensing and listing options available to approved brands published on the Toxic-Free List:

Featured Memberships $135 per year or Premium Listings $275 per year. Memberships can be purchased by contacting us. Both options include full licensing of SCA's trademarked logo's online and offline as well as listings on both of our websites. We also offer monthly rates, please see listing options here >> where you can create your free membership, and then request the upgraded member account.

Included in the application fee.
The Basic Listings include use of SCA's trademarked logo's online only. For an annual fee, brands can upgrade to a Featured or Premium license and listing fee including the use of SCA's logo on all marketing materials, digital, printed or otherwise.

To receive product recommendations, brands are encouraged to publish their products via their member account at OBB and submit products and /or samples by post to:

Safe Cosmetics Australia
PO Box 606 Church Point
Sydney NSW Australia 2105
There are no on going fees to remain on the Toxic-Free List, you can select the free Basic Membership. A fee of $7 per product may apply to submit new product formulations for Certification, the original application fee includes the review of up to 25 products. We do request that you submit any changes to your existing range to be reviewed and awarded the appropriate Certification prior to advertising or printing SCA's Certification seals (and provided you have purchased an annual license to print the logo's). Any new products can be submitted for review at any time, there are no additional fees for this service. Having signed the Disclosure Agreement, submitted your PID, and pending receipt of the application fee - Your brand is now under review, please allow 1-5 full business days.

Tiered Publishing

Premium Members are published above all other listings. Featured listings are published below the Premium Members, and above the Basic Members. Free listings on the Toxic-Free List are published below all other listings in A-Z order.

Premium Listings offer the most exposure for brands. Included in the annual fee is more than 12 recommendations per year in our article's published at Article inclusions are a great way to receive high quality back links to your site and to further promote your range to our followers. More information is included in the downloadable files above.

Once Approved by SCA, you will need to select the licensing option that best suits your brand ie online only licensing or full use of SCA's Trademarked seals. A licensing agreement will then be forwarded to you via email, and as soon as we receive the signed document via SignNow, access to download the certification seals will be provided.

Toxic-Free Guidelines

Brand's are published in our free downloads & distributed to media contacts, bloggers and our social media followers throughout the year. The Toxic-Free Guides are available as free downloads via this site.


Step 5. Get your brand listed.
Once approved, you will need to select from the listing options available and confirm your listing selection so that we can provide the correct licensing agreement via SignNow. All options require a signed licensing agreement prior to receiving a link to download SCA's trademarked logos. An accreditation certificate will also be provided via email for you to publish as required.

Step 4.
Once approved, your brand will receive three free listings at on the Toxic-Free List. If you would like to consider the licensing and listing options, you can download the options above or Contact us to answer any questions you may have.


If it any stage you downgrade your membership, all content will remain searchable at, and you are of course permitted to continue selling products with our Certification seals. You would just cease printing our logo's on any new product labels and marketing materials if downgrading your membership to a restricted license. Your listings will then be updated accordingly.

Fees and options

Licensing and listings fees, and memberships.

The following prices include restricted or full use of Safe Cosmetics Australia's certification seals, and licensing and listings published on SCA's website, and our newly launched site - OBB.

Basic Membership is Free. The application fee includes restricted licensing of SCA's logo's to online use only ie. your website, emails, online advertising, social media and all other digital content.

Featured Membership is $135- per year or $15- per month. Includes full use of SCA's logo's on all printed and digital media.

Premium Membership is $275- per year or $30- per month. Includes full use of SCA's logo's on all printed and digital media.

Upgrade or downgrade anytime your membership at any time. Annual memberships are non-refundable. You have full access 24/7 to customise your member content OBB, you can publish business and product listings, articles, news, events and more.

Thank You for considering Safe Cosmetics Australia to review your brand.

Please be sure to ask any questions, we are always happy to assist you. SCA is a Not-For-Profit campaign, we welcome your feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. Email: or telephone +61-0418870869 EST, Sydney Australia.