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Safe Cosmetics Australia

The Toxic-Free Campaign

Campaigns - think big move forward

Products that contain fewer ingredients are healthier for you & the environment - Less is more. Keep things simple. Own a few good things instead of a whole lot of junk.
Advocating for safer, healthier manufacturing standards across the health & beauty industries. Make change happen! Make a commitment today, initiate change & overcome the key objectives - to reduce toxicity. Conscious consumerism means being accountable, realising that the manufacture of chemicals & packaging waste impacts everyone.
Safe Cosmetics Australia is calling on the Australian Government to pass legislation banning the import & manufacture of cosmetics that contain hazardous chemicals that are known to be toxic to human health. The Toxic-Free Campaign goals are ambitious, but they are also highly achievable. It's time to take responsibility.


It is not an impossible task to insist on chemicals being tested for our health & safety prior to allowing them for use in cosmetic, personal care & household products. In fact, testing chemicals prior to allowing them for use in Australia would be the best option to safe guard our health & the environment.

Rather than waiting for damage to arise, take action now & improve Australia's future. Choose brands that are Allergy Certified® formulated without chemicals known to trigger skin irritation, itchy dry or swollen reddened rashes & worse, eczema & dermatitis. Some chemicals effect otherwise healthy skin.
Imported products that are tested on animals is cruel & unnecessary. It's illegal in Australia so why do we allow imported products to be tested on animals & why do we let them get away with this? Other issues include palm oil & it's sustainablity. If it's grown in Australia it is, but Indonesia? No.
It's important to act now by reducing the use of plastic that is manufactured for cosmetic packaging. Brands that offer refills also raise the standards of reducing the ever increasing volume of waste. The Refill Recycle campaign promotes products that are recyclable &/or refillable.
100% Plastic free products are the ultimate solution. You can make a difference today by choosing plastic free household products that are packaged in sustainable materials like glass, bamboo, aluminium & hemp or bio-friendly papers & boxes that have a low environmental impact.