Vegan Friendly Certified™


Vegan health & beauty products are made with botanic ingredients. Formulated free-from animal & insect sourced ingredients making them 100% Cruelty Free. Some people believe that vegan skincare products are safer for sensitive skin, this may be due to the fact that vegan products often contain fewer ingredients & do not contain animal proteins which are known to trigger skin sensitivities & allergic reactions.

From an ethical point of view, veganism is definitely a humane choice & for this reason Safe Cosmetics Australia campaigns to raise vegan awareness. To encourage non-vegans to chose ethical products. To help educate people about veganism & the role vegan cosmetics play in sustainability.

Some people choose to be a part-time vegan to adopt a healthier lifestyle & to reduce the likelihood of causing suffering to animals. Whatever your reason, reducing the use of animal sourced ingredients is a plus for the environment & unnecessary suffering. Factory farmed animals are disease ridden, breeding grounds for bacteria & viruses. Veganism may not save the world, but it sure does make the world kinder, greener & healthier.

To name just a few brands that offer vegan products.... Adorn Cosmetics, Be Genki, Under Our Sun, Eco Tan, Lovekins Australia, Ella Searle, Koala Eco, Natralus, LoveSmiles, Niki's Natural Wipes, Sienna Byron Bay, Julisa, IME Natural Perfume, Luk Beautifood, My Qi Aromas, Grown Alchemist, Warpaint Natural Teeth Whitener, Verissima Natural Skincare, JOI PURE, Three Warriors - The TW Glow, Sasy n Savy, Super Smelly, Organic By Glitter Friends, Onea Australian All Natural Skincare PTY LTD, Mediterranean Tan, Wax & Beauty & many more!

Amina Kitching