The Toxic-Free Campaign

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Since 2010 The Toxic-Free Campaign has highlighted the need to raise chemical awareness regarding the use of personal care products, cosmetics, sunscreens, perfumes & fragrances, oral hygiene, cleaning agents & pet care. It is important to understand the role these products play in our daily lives & to scrutinise the use of chemicals in these everyday products.

Today it is not clear how suppliers, manufacturers & governments define toxicity. Australian cosmetic labeling laws require all ingredients to be stated on the product label in descending order, from the highest to lowest concentration. Not all chemicals are required to be stated on the product label such as ingredients hidden within the term fragrance - a single fragrance can contain an unlimited number of chemicals within this single key word.

Brands that manufacturer in accordance with SCA's Toxic-Free criteria are eligible to carry the Toxic-Free Tick of approval. SCA reserves the right to review each product a brand manufacturers & endorse each product accordingly. Brands also sign a legally binding pledge to always consider the Ingredients first. To exclude & restrict chemicals of concern.

Screening Process

Brands are required to publish their full list of ingredients on their website available 24/7. Product labels are governed by legislative law to disclose product ingredients in descending order. SCA is made privy to all ingredients even the hidden ingredients in fragrances. Periodical audits are carried out, checking for compliancy.

Ingredient Diligence

Keep it simple & natural. It's about making positive choices with over 40,000 chemicals on the market & hundreds of new chemicals created annually, navigating the chemical-maze is challenging for many buyers. Natural & Organic ingredients are the healthier choice. Supported by science, these raw ingredients work to benefit the skin & body.

The toxic-free campaign mission is to:

  • Safeguard Consumer Health by raising chemical awareness & promoting brands that exclude chemicals of concern.

  • Promoting Personal Wellbeing by recognising brands that provide Natural & Organic products free-from toxic chemicals.

  • Raising Industry Standards for consumer health, manufacturing principles, agriculture & the environment.

  • Campaign For Legislation to assess chemical safety prior to approving chemicals for use in Australia.

  • Encourage Self-Regulation by beauty brands to exclude & restrict chemicals of concern as well as waste & sustainability.

Amina Kitching