Recycle Refill Campaign

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The moment your mascara starts clumping & flaking or your eye shadow starts crumbling, you know it's time to clear out your makeup bag. But, could your cosmetic packaging be harming your health? Yes it is harmful for your health & also for the environment when people thoughtlessly trash packaging. Most of the time you can't recycle makeup containers, but you can recycle some of the containers or shop from brands that provide a recycling service.

It's estimated that only 12% of plastic is recycled in Australia, this is shameful. Safe Cosmetics Australia recycle refill campaign aims to promote brands that offer store drop-offs, recycling programs & bulk refills. Let's make a difference, together by raising the standards of manufacturing practices, waste & recycling. There is room for improvement.


As the name suggests, some brands provide recycling of their cosmetic packaging in-store. SCA encourages consumers to ask stores if they provide a recycling service where you can bring their containers back to the store you bought them from. This should encourage stores to provide this service because it means you'll come back again & again.


Instead of trashing your cosmetic packaging, there are other ways to dispose of it. Some brands offer a return system for cosmetic packaging where by you mail your empty containers back to them to be recycled. Alternatively some packaging can be recycled in your curbside bins. SCA encourages consumers to request this service.


Some brands provide refills that arrive in a bulk container or refill sachet. This not only saves you dollars, but it keeps the packaging in use for longer. SCA encourages all brands to provide a refill option, let's save the planet one product at a time. Consumers should request this from every brand they use, with consumers actively pressuring stores to provide refills, positive changes can be made.

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