Made Safe®


It’s about finding a compromise between manufacturers, consumer demand, chemicals & the way products are made. The Made Safe® campaign addresses an estimated 85,000 chemicals available world wide 40,000 of these chemicals are permitted for use in Australia & over 10,000 are specifically used by the beauty industry.

Products that carry the Made Safe® trademark are committed to reducing toxicity. Consumer expectations demand the highest quality when it comes to product performance, that's why SCA launched the Made Safe® campaign to recognise products that are formulated in a base 85% or more free-from the chemicals that form the Toxic-Free campaign criteria.

We are constantly evolving as chemical awareness & green chemistry is studied & substantiated by scientists. Governments practice the healthy until proven toxic method -  is not the right solution. Obviously this outdated method has failed & now is the time to make changes. Our goal is to praise manufacturers & suppliers that are actively raising the standards for better, cleaner & safer ingredients.


Brands endorsed with the Made Safe® logo, adopt a healthy ingredient philosophy. Their products are formulated in a base that is 85% free-from chemicals of concern. Choosing products that contain very few ingredients is the healthier choice when it comes to avoiding adverse reactions to chemicals. The Made Safe® logo represents safer, cleaner practices than any government standard.


Science can now prove direct links between a decrease in your skin's microbial diversity from exposure to synthetic chemicals in cosmetics, & that poor skin health impacts your general health. Giving people the choice starts with ingredient transparency, that's why brands that are endorsed by Safe Cosmetics Australia are required to publish their full product ingredients on their website available 24/7.

Amina Kitching