Cruelty Free Imports™


Choose Australian made products because our legislation has banned testing cosmetics on animals. Imported products are not governed by a no testing on animals policy therefore imports can be tested on animals & sold in Australia. All of the brands Safe Cosmetics Australia endorses are not tested on animals.

"We believe the best science is humane science. Our programs seek to provide a better, safer, more humane future for people and animals. To learn more about CAAT and the 3Rs, visit our About Us page. And consider supporting our mission." - The Johns Hopkins University Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing

Safe Cosmetics Australia does not endorse products that are tested on animals. As part of SCA's commitment to raising chemical awareness, it is important to acknowledge other organisations that campaign to end cruelty to animals. Brands that are endorsed by Safe Cosmetics Australia & that carry our Not Tested On Animals logo, have signed a legally binding pledge to never test their products or ingredients on animals.

Toxicity tests that are carried out on unwilling animals are cruel & unnecessary. Rabbits, monkeys, mice, dogs & cats are used to test cosmetics, personal care & chemical ingredients on the skin, eyes & nose on unwitting caged animals. Tests on animals do not give accurate results that are comparable to test results carried out on willing humans. Furthermore, these tests blind, burn & poison millions of animals every year.

Imported cosmetics are allowed to be tested on animals. Whilst it is illegal to test on animals that are manufactured in Australia, this law does not apply to imported cosmetics. SCA campaigns to raise the importance of choosing cruelty free products & that consumers are potentially supporting cruelty to animals by purchasing imported products, manufactured outside of Australia. Choose Australian made or certified cruelty free products.

Unsustainable palm oil

Safe Cosmetics Australia supports legislation to ban imported products that contain palm oil. Take a stand against palm oil products & say no. ABC New Reports that "Zoos Victoria has announced it’s going to stop selling products that sell palm oil. It’s a type of oil that’s commonly used in many things, from chocolate to soap, but many conservationists say it’s having a big impact on Orangutans, whose forest homes are often cut down for palm oil plantations."

Is palm oil necessary in cosmetics? NO. There are so many other oils available that do not cause mass devastation to habitats. It's about time the beauty industry gave palm oil the flick all together, what is sustainable palm oil & is it really sustainable? After researching this tragic topic, there appears to be a whole lot of red tape that is extremely hard to prove IF sustainable palm oil even exists or ever did exist. Safe Cosmetics Australia is going to stand against the use of Palm Oil & give it the flick! Sustainable? Not even close... Google - does sustainable palm oil exist?

Campaigns to end cruelty to animals

Here are just a few of the organisations that actively campaign to end animal cruelty: Choose Cruelty Free, Johns Hopkins University Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing, PETA, Humane Research, Cruelty Free, RSPCA For all creatures great & small According to the Humane Society International, cosmetics are tested on animals “These are rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats and mice. While dogs and monkeys are never used to test cosmetics anywhere in the world, they are used to test other types of chemicals. Producing cosmetics without animal suffering is simple—there is no excuse for companies to continue testing cosmetics on animals.” -

Amina KitchingCruelty-Free