My Mia's Skin Relief


Developed by an award-winning skincare development team. Thoughtfully blended, our organic & natural ingredients such as calendula, aloe vera, chamomile, coconut oil, arnica, turmeric, centella & neem are part of our formulas suitable for stressed, sensitive & inflamed skin. Our natural alternatives to steroid cream & bleach baths are created to restore the moisture and health of dry & damaged skin. Ideal to use during UV light therapy & to maintain the skin whilst using daily wet dressings.



Our daughter Mia was just three years old when her eczema first appeared. Within two years, she was dependent on prescribed antibiotics, steroid creams and bleach baths. Unfortunately, her skin took a turn for the worse and she was hospitalised for 5 days. Back home, Mia’s eczema continued to spread and her treatment plan revolved around steroid creams, bleach baths, regular antibiotics (due to skin infections), UV light therapy in hospital and daily wet dressings. Yet still eczema continued to spread, even to the soles of her feet (leaving no area of skin unaffected by eczema). She missed one month of school and ended up in hospital again as before.

Doctors suggested immunosuppressant medication, which required regular blood tests to monitor the health of her organs. This was my breaking point. My daughter was already deteriorating before my eyes and the possible side effects of these drugs terrified me. Determined to explore alternative options, I consulted an expert nutritionist who suggested an elimination diet. In conjunction with diet, I started mixing my own organic creams from home. I studied the ingredients used in Indian Ayurveda and learned about the benefits of herbal remedies such as turmeric, neem and centella when used on the skin. I created creams using only natural ingredients for Mia’s skin. Slowly but surely, without immunosuppressant medication, we cut back on antibiotics, steroid use and could see a difference. These ancient herbs were organic, natural and gentle on her skin. This is how Mia’s Skin Relief was born.