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Organic Beauty Brands is SCA's affiliate site, OBB is inspired by the desire to connect brands and consumers through engaging content. Health & beauty brands, professionals and other industry insiders share a passion and commitment for creating a better world. By Considering the impact of their work, our members choose to adopt a transparent philosophy that considers the Ingredients First™ by never testing their products on animals, by harnessing the health & beauty benefits of Natural ingredients, and through this vision we can create a more sustainable future. We call this conscious consumerism "a movement of people who seek out ways to make positive decisions" about what to buy and how to produce products that continuously question the negative impact consumerism is having on our world and that consciously seek a solution. Here is a selection of articles published at #OBB

April 2019

5 Fabulous skincare tips for teen models

"Fresh-faced. Glowing goddess. Apple-cheeked. These are just some of the adjectives used to describe those youthful faces that grace countless advertisements, commercials, and shows on multi-media channels. Of the teen models out there that sport a face that could launch a thousand products, what could be their secret? Love the Skin You’re In!" - Article by Adam Jacobs,

Natural V's Man-made, how is toxicity

Natural V's Man-made, how is toxicity defined: "Unfortunately, the natural V's synthetic debate is often miss-guided through marketing, media and various online channels giving somewhat unhelpful and confusing advice. SCA is proud to provide information with references to leading experts on chemical use and the impact these chemicals can have on your health. Consumers can access this information by viewing: Key Issues or Key Allergens" - #OBB

How to apply makeup like a pro beautician

How to apply makeup like a pro beautician:

"Are you getting ready for a party? Can you miss out on makeup? I think never? Makeup is the most crucial part when getting ready for even the most minor of the functions. Although for such events, one can afford to visit the salon. But, there’s a problem, we can’t go to parlor daily. So, ladies are left to do makeup on their own. The first essential tip is to have the right beauty tools." - Guest Writer for


From Mumbai. Love Without Compromise.

Congratulations to The Moms Co. for their outstanding achievement in raising 1 million dollars for their Mom and Baby consumer goods startup.  "Thank you so much for guiding us on our mission to help moms make Natural, Safe and Effective choices. We look forward to many more product launches in association with Safe Cosmetics Australia." said Malika Sadani,  The Moms Co. caters for mothers-to-be and their babies alike. 100% Natural, their products are the first choice for anyone seeking healthy skin and body care >>

Spring make-up trends

Spring makeup trends feature pastel lips and smokey eyes. The vibe is soft femininity, flawless cover with defined smokey eyes and illuminated cheeks. Makeup artist Monica Marmo creates her runway looks this season showcasing "soft pinks and orangey golds to give a subtle flush" check out this look. highly recommends Certified Organic BB Creme by La Mav. This ultimate all-in-one foundation, moisturiser and foundation is just $39.95 or try the Be Beautiful Starter Kit that has everything you need to create a flawless, fresh complexion >>

Changing the face of beauty

Natural skincare no longer means compromising on quality or price. With more people turning to Natural brands to treat their face and body, they soon realise that beauty products are not all made equal. Skin-health starts with top quality ingredients. Meet Mel, the founder of Embalm Skincare, she discovered that Natural ingredients not only benefit your skin, but they also benefit your well-being. Choosing Natural Australian products is highly sort after in Asia, and for good reasons >>

Lovekins is the first Australian Allergy Certified brand

Safe Cosmetics Australia has announced Lovekins Organic Baby Skincare is the first range to be awarded SCA's Australian Allergy Certified™ seal. The new criteria for formulating allergy-safe products delivers the highest standard in cosmetics and personal care manufacturing for sensitive skin. Products that are accredited by SCA have passed a document based review, each and every product ingredient has been screened against SCA's toxicant database. Key allergens are excluded or restricted to be awarded the Australian Allergy Certified™ seal >>

Here are the top 5 products you should try this summer

Here are the top 5 products you should try this summer. Formulated with skin protection factors and anti-aging extracts, these Certified products deliver on quality ingredients, performance and their ethics rock! When brands choose to consider your health first, they search for Natural ingredients that offer nutritional properties like pure natural plant oils, herbal extracts and zinc oxide that is known to smooth troubled, irritated skin >>

You can make this change happen

It's not about selling you some marketing jargon, using scare tactics or greenwashing techniques (fake eco stuff), here at Organic Beauty Brands we encourage you to always read the label, be informed, and look for Certifications that offer purity and peace of mind. Being committed to choosing only honest, decent, hard-working products is the only way we can all win the war on toxic chemicals. For people who suffer from allergies or asthma, they should take particular care >>


What you put on your body goes in your body

That's right, what you apply to your skin is absorbed into the body. 

It is estimated that more than 69% of the product is readily absorbed into your body, should you be alarmed? Only if you've never considered the ingredients first. We all know that eating a healthy balanced diet is key to living a healthy well-balanced life, but can using cosmetic products interfere with our health regime? The truth is that not all of the ingredients in cosmetics are pretty. In fact, there are over 80,000 chemicals available worldwide, and the vast majority have not been assessed for public health and safety >>

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