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Safe Cosmetics Australia

The Toxic-Free Campaign

Safe Cosmetics Australia is an independent campaign raising chemical awareness. Together we must be responsible for sustainable manufacturing, decisions are made every single day, who makes these decisions? Governments, industry & consumers, accountability is up to all of us.
52% of the world is under the age of thirty. Now is the time to learn from our mistakes & inspire the next generation to make change. Manufacturing is increasingly intertwined with the environment, we can achieve a healthier solution that's less toxic than the current system. Act now to reduce chemical use - Less is more. Keep things simple.

Are there chemicals in cosmetics?

Here are 10 quick facts to consider as you navigate the chemical maze. Many would have you believe that you have been frightened into choosing healthier products that are free-from irritating & potentially harmful chemicals. The world has changed significantly, we all need to make healthier choices that reduce toxicity.
  • What is a natural chemical? A substance or compound, produced by a living organism, it can be sourced from plants or animals.
  • What are chemical ingredients? Every ingredient is a chemical & every chemical is an ingredient, they are terms used interchangeably.
  • What are man made chemicals? There are an estimated 144,000 chemicals made by man that do not exist in nature.
  • Which chemicals are toxic? All chemicals can be toxic, even water can be toxic or irritating to the skin, some people are allergic to water.
  • Who regulates chemicals? Government agencies around the world are responsible for chemical regulation in their respective country.
  • Who influences chemical scrutiny? Consumers hold the balance of power if they report adverse health issues & shop responsibly.
  • Are chemicals tested prior for use in products? No, adverse health issues must be reported then government agencies investigate.
  • Who should report adverse reactions? Everyone needs to report adverse reactions to the TGA, authorities respond to multiple reports.
  • What are the benefits of certifications? Independent verification raises the standards of manufacturing, above & beyond legislation.
  • Why are campaigns important? Chemicals in cosmetics is a project that governments, industry & consumers must work on together.

What's happening right now

Australian Non-Toxic Awards

Newly launched, the awards aim to highlight the very best non-toxic products and businesses in Australia. Emily Fletcher is the Editor of My Non-Toxic Tribe & the founder of the Australian Non-Toxic Awards. With a background in science and an interest in healthy living, Emily started a blog when her daughter Isabella, was just four months old. Like so many others, she soon realised that not all personal care products are made equal. In fact most products are 100% synthetic and potentially toxic or irritating to the skin. Winners to be announced in August.

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Understanding cosmetic regulations

Realising that the use of chemicals like bleach, formaldehyde, propyl & butyl parabens, synthetic alcohols & colours, dyes & preservatives, are causing widespread issues for consumer health & the environment, does leave many people confused as to why these chemicals are permitted for use without mandatory testing for human health & safety? But, this is simply not how chemicals are regulated. Government authorities act after reports have been well documented. It is up to consumers to report adverse health issues to the TGA.

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How to nourish your body

Australia's first and only event showcasing the best Free From and Allergy Free products has arrived. This is the place to be this July at Melbourne's Convention Centre and in March next year at the Sydney Show Ground. According to the Murdoch Children's Research Institute, Australia has the highest rates of infant food intolerances and allergies  world-wide. As many as 1 in every 10 children can expect to experience food intolerances at a very young age. Once an allergy or intolerance is triggered, the effects can be life-long.

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Expert tips to prevent & beat the flu this season

How to boost your immune system, prevent & beat the flu this season. Experts advise that people with a depressed immune system, suffering stress for prolonged periods, or poor diet & nutrient deficiencies, means that they may be more prone to catching the flu or a cold. Lack of sleep and toxins can also worsen flu symptoms so it's best to consider your health and understand how natural remedies can help this winter. Early treatment is ideal to shorten the duration and severity of a cough, cold or flu.



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