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Safe Cosmetics Australia [SCA] has reviewed all brands published on this page. Each company has submitted a signed "Product Ingredient Declaration" confirming the nature of their formulations are either 100% or 85% or more, free from the chemicals that form the Key Issues
Use Safe Cosmetics Australia's Toxic-Free List to find healthier products for you and your family.
"Toxic-free ingredients are by far the healthier choice for you & your pets!"

Safe Cosmetics Australia is proud to introduce the first range of Certified Toxic-Free products for horses! Meet Equidae Botanical Horse Care, made from 100% Natural & Organic plant based ingredients. Connect with Equidae on social media and follow the launch of the first Australia Certified Toxic-Free® range for horses.


At Equidae Botanical Horse Care we focus on formulating and developing products that are made from 100% natural and organic plant base ingredients. We guarantee our products are free from harmful chemicals, synthetic colours and fragrances, formalin and toxic ingredients.  The natural healing properties of the ingredients we use, are powerful and effective, but still good for you, your horse and our earth!