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The Toxic-Free Campaign

Ingredient Diligence

Ingredient diligence is good practice for brands and retailers that are conscious about making a positive move towards nontoxic products.

With over 40,000 chemicals in use today and hundreds of new ones created annually, navigating the chemical maze is challenging for many buyers.
Safe Cosmetics Australia can certify your brand or store. Brands may have all or a select number of products certified. Retailers may have all of the store products certified or display(s) certified.

Considerable data gaps exist when researching chemicals. In Australia, chemicals are permitted for use until a significant health issue or environmental hazard arises. Chemicals are not assessed prior to use in personal care and household products, and brands are not required to test their products prior to manufacture.

Practising ingredient diligence is a 360° approach to formulating Toxic-Free & Non-Toxic products.

electing ingredients that considers human health first, possible animal and/or aquatic ecosystem harm, as well as environmental harm is the first step to practising ingredient diligence. If your brand or retail outlet is interested in pursuing nontoxic certification, but you’re not sure that all ingredients will pass the test, then you may be interested in discussing specific ingredients or products in question. SCA provides this service free of charge.

SCA aims to make the certification process as easy as possible to encourage brands and retailers to adopt the nontoxic approach to formulating products.
If there are any concerns, you can address them prior to certification, simply  Contact Us Now