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Safe Cosmetics Australia
does not support the use of animals for testing cosmetics or any other products. Brands are also encouraged to exclude animal and insect ingredients from their product formulations. Look for the bunny rabbit on product labels and let's put an end to animal cruelty. In Australia we have a strictly No testing on animals policy, sadly this does not apply to imported products so brands are permitted by Australian legislation to manufacture products overseas & test their products on unwilling animals before importing them for sale. Please look for independent certifications that confirm if a product is in fact Not Tested on animals.
  • TF = Australian Certified Toxic Free®
  • NT = Australian Certified Non-Toxic100% Made Safe ®
  • AC = Australian Allergy Certified™
  • CO = Certified Organics
  • V = products are suitable for vegans, accredited by CCF, PETA or SCA
  • SV = some products are suitable for vegans
  • BP = not tested on animals, some products contain animal ingredients

The Toxic-Free List... Brands That Care™

Cherub Rubs - TF

EcoTan - TF CF SV

Joi Pure Natural Organic Skincare - TF CF SV

Lovekins - TF

Natralus Australia - TF
Three Warriors - TF


Under Our Sun - TF BP

Uni Organics - TF CF

WARPAINT Natural Teeth Whitener


Be Genki - TF CF V

Jamma Australia - TF

Kibi Raw Minerals

Luk Beautifood - TF


The Moms Co by Amishi Life - TF AC NT

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Organic Beauty Brands
Adara Organics - TF

Adorn Cosmetics - TF, MS1
Akhal Beauty - TF CF V

Botanical Blessings - TF

Byrne With Love - MS

Clean Conscience - TF CF V
Eco Store - TF

Elly b Organic Skincare - CF TF SV

Equidae Botanical Horse Care
Flora Remedia - TF

Geraldine Pierre Skin Care - TF CF V

Harmoni's Kiss - TF

Hopkins - TF

IME Natural Perfume - TF CF V

Inika Organic - TF CF V

La Mav - TF

Miss Kate - TF


Olive Oil Skincare Company - TF

One Seed - TF CF V

Only the beginning - TF

Origani - TF

Orla and Maeve - TF

Pure Poppet - TF

Sanctum Australia


Sodashi - TF

Sugar Venom - TF CV

Soul Spa Alchemy - TF

Zuii Organic - TF CF V
Companies that meet SCA's criteria of excluding toxic chemicals that form the KEY ISSUES, are published under appropriate categories on the Toxic Free List and in A-Z order above. Approved companies are permitted to use SCA's trademarked logo's.

To meet SCA's criteria, companies must produce products that exclude harmful toxic chemicals from their formulations. SCA's Toxic Free List promotes products that are Natural & Organic, products are made from plant or mineral based ingredients that are well known to be safe and non-toxic. Companies are permitted to use animal sourced ingredients, however SCA further promotes companies that exclude animal sourced ingredients, supporting Vegan & Cruelty Free formulations.

SCA highly recommends that companies formulate their products without the use of animal sourced ingredients and without testing on animals. Ideally all cosmetic companies should support CCF in their campaign to end harm to animals:  CCF - Choose Cruelty Free