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The Toxic-Free Campaign

Safe Cosmetics Australia is an independent, not-for-profit organisation. Our mission is to raise chemical awareness. Advocating for a pre-market regulatory scheme, The Toxic-Free Campaign addresses two key areas of hazardous chemical use found in cosmetics and home cleaning products. We help protect your health by campaigning for a healthier future and certifying brands that minimise your exposure to harmful chemicals.

Where To Start

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Protect your health by minimising exposure to harmful chemicals. Safe Cosmetics Australia chooses the precautionary principle, our certified brands leave out ingredients where there is doubt over their safety, choosing natural and organic chemicals where possible. How can you get involved? Download the Toxic-Free E-book, sign & share the campaign petition, explore the blog & learn more about natural cosmetics, chemicals & your health. 


Toxic Chemicals In Your Home

There are many useful household items that contain toxic chemicals. Some common examples include: laundry detergent, drain cleaner, furniture polish, toilet cleaner, air freshener, rubbing alcohol, battery acid, bleach, fluoride, fuel, pesticides & ammonia to name a few. While these chemicals may be useful and even necessary to modern life, it is important to remember that they should be used with caution and disposed of according to the manufacturers instructions on the packaging.

Natural Toxic Chemicals

Many toxic chemicals occur naturally in nature. Plants produce toxic chemicals to protect themselves from pests, animals produce toxins for protection & to capture their prey. There are many other toxic chemicals that are the by-product of metabolism. Some natural elements and minerals are also poisonous, here are some examples of natural toxic chemicals: arsenic, mercury, snake venom, caffeine in tea, coffee, soft drink & cocoa, ricin from castor beans, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine gas, smoke & even petroleum.

So Why Be Concerned?

The Australian Government allows the use of known toxic chemicals in products that are used everyday. These toxic chemicals are known to cause adverse health effects. Scientific studies have proven direct links to major health concerns including birth defects, asthma, acne, allergies, depression, migraine, cancer, hormone disruption, ADD learning, memory loss & accelerated ageing. Toxic chemicals are poisonous, there is no pre-market regulation that require products to be tested for health & safety prior to being sold to Australian's. Many of these toxic chemicals have been proven in scientific studies to cause harm to your health. They are not essential to the formula & can be replaced with a healthier alternative that is not known to cause harm to you, the planet or animals.