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Safe Cosmetics Australia

The Toxic-Free Campaign

There are so many healthy cosmetics available, why would you use anything else but certified toxin-free?!

Brands that consider your health first are made from top rated skin-safe ingredients.  

So Why Be Concerned?

Scientific studies have proven direct links to major health concerns including birth defects, asthma, acne, allergies, depression, migraine, cancer, hormone disruption, ADD learning, memory loss & accelerated ageing. The Australian Government allows the use of known toxic chemicals in products that are used everyday by consumers.

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Safe Cosmetics Australia campaigns for a healthier future one that tests chemicals first before they are used in cosmetics. Pre-market regulation would ensure that products are tested before being sold to Australians, consumers, animals and the environment to toxic chemicals.
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Safe Cosmetics Australia is an independent, not-for-profit campaign. Our mission is to raise chemical awareness.

CERTIFIED products are the healthier choice for your skin & body. Do you need allergy-safe skin care or prefer vegan cruelty-free cosmetics? Discover the new way to shop... It's all about considering the ingredients first > >


Natural ingredients are meant to be better for you? But, some of the most lethal chemicals are natural! We all know that arsenic can kill you & that heavy metals like mercury are toxic. Even too much caffeine can send us spinning. Dogs can die from consuming cocoa & smoke is full of toxic chemicals. So why all the fuss over using natural cosmetics?

OVER 50+ BRANDS CERTIFIED & 2+ INDUSTRY RECOGNISED CERTIFICATIONS. Safe Cosmetics Australia is the trusted source for your health + beauty products.

If it's not made safe® with non-toxic ingredients it's just not healthy!

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In Australia there is No pre-market regulation that requires chemicals to be tested for health & safety prior to manufacture and sale of everyday products. There is No premarket regulation scheme that requires each product to be tested for health & safety prior to sale on the Australian market.

Importers of chemicals are required to check with NICNAS and register any new chemicals being imported into Australia. Manufacturers are required to list all chemicals on the product label, but there are No mandatory regulations that require pre-market assessment of chemicals used to formulate products and no pre-market regulation that requires testing of each product prior to sale in Australia.

Can lack of regulation leave consumers exposed to toxic chemicals?