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The Toxic Free Campaign addresses two key areas of hazardous chemical use: in cosmetics and home cleaning products.

  • Our mission is to raise chemical awareness
  • Advocate for a pre-market regulatory scheme
  • Promote companies that formulate natural products

All companies published on SCA’s Toxic-Free List have submitted a signed “Product Ingredient Declaration” ensuring that their ingredients are meet our toxic-free criteria to produce beautiful products sourced from ingredients found in nature.

Toxic-Free List

Choose brands that use only natural & organic ingredients to formulate their products free from known irritants. Improve your skin with these skin-safe brands...


The Australian Government allows over 40,000 chemicals to be used in everyday household products without carrying out tests for health & safety. Your health comes first...

The Toxic-Free Campaign

"Like" us on Facebook to support "The Toxic-Free Campaign" ® and show the Australian Government that it is not acceptable to consider chemicals innocent until proven guilty...


Living a less-toxic lifestyle is important to the vast majority of us. So where should you start and what difference can your product choice make to the evolution of creating a more sustainable future?


Cosmetics are subject to legislative regulatory requirements. The manufacture and sale of cosmetic products is regulated by government bodies around the world each with...


What process does SCA go through to develop the prohibited & restricted list of chemicals? How does SCA confirm that companies do not use toxic chemicals in their products...